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hey lj world

So second semester sophmore year is wicked stressful. Pledge mom, school, ph sig stuff, chris, friends, and SLEEP. Doing all of this is really hard. Im strarting to get a balance tho :) I hate RDA.. its a psy stats class and it sucks. Welll yeah

MARCJ 2ND was me and christophers two year..hollah! He is adorable and i love him! :) He surprised me last nght with a visit and brought mikie and nay. I was super happy but fell asleep haha. I really dont deserve chris somethimes haha

myrtle beach for spring break :)...HOLLLLAH
18 January 2010 @ 08:57 pm
my soroity sister was in hati when the earthquake hit and no one has heard from her and i am worried sick. I dont eat. i dont sleep. i dont wanna do anything. She needs to be fine. I need to know she is okay. Her name is Kikie and she is the most genuine person i know. She would wipe her tears away from the eye it was coming from. I REALLY NEED TO KNOW SHE IS OKAY. IM A WRECK :/

im at school and it is easier with phi sig around me but i wish she was her to :/
woop 2010.... you started off great.
09 January 2010 @ 12:47 pm
i hate ovaries.
i realy wish i was a man.

im going to the gym again and im starting to be truly happy with myself :O)
i realy have nothing to write.
i start my soroity mom position soon.
imm scared shitless cause even know they are my sisters they can sure criticize. I hope iam good and can keep my grades up...
04 January 2010 @ 11:50 am
what makes you better than me? Nothing cause to straight up your nothing but a low life loser that can not keep a job and one day all the judging you do will bite you in the ass. Leave my name out of your mouth and maybe you should work on your own life before juding mine. Cause im pretty sure in the last years i have gotten over my insecurities, found friends that don't judge me, and figured out what I want out of life. And had an amazing guy who truly loves me right next to me for the ride. So keep hating its just gunna make me stronger in the long end.
What is funny is tha brittney was right about YOU the whole time.. Hope KARMA is a bitch:)

sorry just had to get that out.

2010 has been fun. It has already has had its ups and downs. Me and chris broke up and got back together. stuuuuuuuuuuuuuupid boys. But it sucked but it made me see how madly in love I am with him and what i would do to make him see that

I was in the white mountains with previous long rant, kyle, bridgett, joe and chris. It was a winter wonderland and I LOOVED IT. Kyle has really grown up and I reallly don't hate him as much as before. But i hate bridgetts boyfriend joe, he fucking rude. Ryan, Jc, nick and dave came up for new years. New years was fun. I watched everyone get tanked and the frution get broke. Chris got soo drunk for the first time. It was a funny show but i was really worried about him and then people saw me as a deppy downer. Sorry i care if someone is so drunk somethiing bad might happen. And joe, bridgett's boyfriend, was pressuring me and jc to drink, the alchol that IIIIIIIIIII, EMPHASIS ON I, bought for chris. Sorry buddy if i dont wanna drink.. im not drinking.

im just fulll of rant today

im kinda over break and wanna go back to school./ I go back the 20th
09 December 2009 @ 09:45 pm
i need to go on a diet...
i am not happy with my body
chris says i look the same as before.. i beg to differ
i hate this I AM SOOO FAT :O(
i have giving up drinking n soda n i excercise

semester is almost over yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :O)
03 December 2009 @ 09:58 pm
i miss john all the time

do you ever get over someone you love?
24 November 2009 @ 05:52 pm
Lately, I feel like i can only straight up here. So that means i can only tell kristin everythng haha :p. Iam fine with that. Im so sick of everyone I think i can trust leaves me and makes me feel like crap. So if i have this one place and that one person to read IM HAPPPY. I know i have chris and I love that but I dont wanna be so dependent on one person.IT SCARES ME.

This past weekend we had my sapphire ball in my soroity. I had so so so so much fun. Me my big and my little WON best family. I was sooo pumped. My big and I are so close and even me and my little with the little amount of time we have been friends I can trust her more than people I have known for years. I got my little, her name is katie, to drink and I couldnt get her to stop. LMAO ahhhhhhh

This semester blows tits

im coming home tonight for turkey break. Im skipping my 9.30 tomorrow cause hes a ASS and wont cancel it when every other teacher does. Schilling is a dooosh. just saying. I wanna see all my friend from home but I NEED NEED NEED NEED to work. I am so poor. Im working dbls tomorr friday and saturday. I wanna hang with my friends after work cause the ecomony sucks and I will be cut MAD early. WHOSE DOWN?? i need some sane people back in my life :o)

this post is wicked long

losing your best friend.. never gets easy. Why didn't i listen to everyone who worned me.

I GET TO SEE BABY SARAH. Who is alreaady one. Where does the time go. hahahahaha

17 November 2009 @ 07:28 pm
First offf, i loooove eminem. His song to Mariah Carey made me pee. Listen to warning by eminem. And its towards Mariah's song obsessed that she geared to eminem. I legit peeeeeeeeeeed :)

ooohh and I got pledge momma in phi sig. Im super excited and was shacking when giving my speech :).

I have come to the conclusion i cant use the term best friend. It terms every relationship to with that name to shit...

ohh and my boyfriend cleaned my puke this weekend.. i think he is the one lol

28 October 2009 @ 01:54 pm

i suck at updating this thing.

My litte in my soroity is amazing and she helps keep me sane :). Phi sigma sigma is the only reason im in school still, im wicked corny. My big is amazing and helps me get throught. My favorite ladies are graduating this may and i wannna cry. But i still have calllie who is my favorite person latelly. She listens  to my pointless rants and understands me.

chris is pissing me offf but maybe its the distance. I making myself not want to miss him as much but it pisses me offf cause i miss him more than words can say. Hes my everything and i woud be lost without him. I know he wont hurt me... but deep down i cant help but still have a mini walll up thinking he will. i know he wont just cant help but worry. :/

<3 :)

when music fails... word speak!

29 September 2009 @ 12:31 am
the semester has just began and i am so stressed. yuck i hate school
phi sig's biggest phianthropy event is this week.. rock a thon and i plan on staying out ALL 24 hours this year..
ill let you know how that works.

this weekend has made me see how i am completely HEAD over HEALS in love with christopher michael donovan.
and i hope her never forgets that.. enought with my corny ass

i had a breakdown today.. what else is new.. callie was therre for me and i laah you

i should be sleeping so im going to go